Volunteering at Tucson Shambhala Meditation Center

Tucson Shambhala is a 100% volunteer-run center. That means everything is done by members and friends who generously give of their time and talent. When everyone lends a hand, we all benefit from the rich diversity of classes, meditations, recovery meetings, and art & social events being held at the center. Volunteers are the lifeblood of Tucson Shambhala, making everything that happens possible.

The Shambhala teachings invite us to relate to all aspects of our lives with creativity and care. When we choose our path of service—be it helping on the finance team, cleaning the center, serving in an IT capacity, helping with logistics for our classes, preparing healthy food for an event, or myriad other choices—we can bring our creative and caring self to the task. This work, done wholeheartedly with care and respect, supports our own wellbeing as well as that of the Shambhala community.

Will you join us? Below are the current openings for jobs. They change with regularity, so please check back often, here and at the Shambhala Center on the east wall of the living room.

Providing Spiritual Support

  • Would you like to train to become an Umdze or Gatekeeper for Sunday morning sits?
    You will learn how to conduct a meditation session, including the traditional chants and use of the Tibetan singing bowls. We would love your participation.


  • Would you like to offer a workshop, class, or an ongoing program at Tucson Shambhala
    We welcome those who have experience in Shambhala or other Buddhist teachings to offer an event related to the work of our Center.  Instructors are invited to fill out the form below and are responsible for content design, class materials (if they are not Shambhala materials), recruiting a support team of volunteers (if needed), and any technical support.  The Tucson Shambhala Center will provide a Zoom platform (you can use our Zoom account), promote an offering on the front page of our website, send out group mailings, and handle all registration.   Here is the link to the form: Zoom Presenter Form Tucson Shambhala (8-2020)

Please email
a request to receive training as an Umdze or to send the completed workshop or class offering request to our Coordination Team who can be contacted through this email address: [email protected]

Keeping our Center Going

  • The Membership Team is a group whose work it is to help grow our community and make it fun for people to be a member of Tucson Shambhala. The systems for behind-the-scenes logistics are already in place, but the team needs a leader who is creative and fun. How can we grow our membership?  What can we do to build community among our members and friends? How can we create a fun environment for our sangha to grow? These are the questions the team considers. We’re looking for a Team Lead to help us grow. Membership meetings are generally every-other-month, with attendance at our Council Meeting on the alternate months. 3-6 hrs. pr. mo. Contact Marianna Cacciatore: [email protected]


  • The Social and Community Team is a subset of the Membership Team. They love to host social events, bring people together with food and conversation. This is a new effort at Shambhala and we’re looking for someone to create and lead this group; someone who loves healthy food is creative, optimistic,  and is a good communicator with strong follow-through. Perhaps they’ll create Movie Night, or an outing to a bird sanctuary, or a hike in Sabino Canyon. They will be called upon to help with the hospitality logistics of our Shambhala classes. They might find people who would like to serve food at Casa Maria. Or start a group interested in climate change/sustainable living. The ideas are limitless and it’s all about community. This person would attend a Membership Team mtg bi-monthly and then create their own team.  Contact Marianna Cacciatore: [email protected]