Mamo Chants

February 5th—February 14th

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    Room: Main Shrine Room

    February 5th through February 14th, 2017

    The period just before Shambhala Day, the first day of the Tibetan New Year, is regarded as a time when one is more susceptible to döns.  Döns refer to sudden physical and psychological attacks of depression, resentment, anger, or other negative emotions—like an unpredictable flu that overcomes us.  The “dön season” is a particularly good time to work with these obstacles.

    In order to avert whatever negativity has accumulated during the year, we will practice the Mamo Chants on February 5th through February 14th.  The mamos are powerful worldly dharma protectors; they can be motherly or sisterly or fearsome.  When we lose awareness, some kind of reminder occurs, which is often painful; this is mamo energy.  We practice the mamo chant in order to pacify the turmoil of the mamos by waking up.

    February 15th is regarded as a neutral day, a day when we make a special effort to clean up our physical environment: our homes as well as the Tucson Shambhala center.  And on February 16th, Shambhala Day, we will celebrate the beginning of the Earth Dog Year.  The Tucson Center will observe the 'clean up' day on Saturday, February 17th, and our full Shambhala Day observance will take place on Sunday, February 18th.

    Above is the schedule for the Mamo Chants.  The Mamo Chant practice takes about an hour.  Please join us for any or all of the scheduled practices.