Way of the Bodhisattva Study Group

December 29th

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  • $5.00 Suggested Donation
Room: Main Shrine Room
Please join us for a year-long, monthly study group exploring Shantideva's "The Way of the Bodhisattva". This group is open to everyone in the community!

In this group we will be working with the Padmakara translation of "The Way of the Bodhisattva" (ISBN: 9781590303887), which is available online and in your local bookstores. This text is not required to participate, but is encouraged for personal study throughout the year.

In advance of each gathering, we encourage participants to read and contemplate the coming chapter. Additionally, we encourage participants to select one four-line stanza from the chapter - to write this stanza down on an index card and to reflect on it throughout the month, memorizing, if possible. This could be a passage that either resonates or challenges you.

In our gatherings we will read and discuss each chapter, together. Each gathering will begin with a short period of sitting meditation.

Please feel free to join us for any of these gatherings, as your schedule allows!

December (29th) - Chapter 1: "The Excellence of Bodhichitta"
January - Chapter 2: "Confession"
February - Chapter 3: Taking Hold of Bodhichitta"
March - Chapter 4: "Carefulness"
April - Chapter 5: "Vigilant Introspection"
May - Chapter 6: "Patience"
June - Chapter 7: "Diligence"
July - Chapter 8: "Meditative Concentration"
August - Chapter 9: "Wisdom"
September - Chapter 10: "Dedication"
October - Closing Gathering

If you have suggestions for helpful supplemental material or commentary on these teachings, please make print outs and bring them with you to the gatherings!