Mandala Making Class

with Marianna Cacciatore

October 13th (2018)

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  • $15 Patrons
Room: Main Shrine Room

Introduction To Mandala Drawing


Join us on Saturday, October 13, 2018 from 1-4 pm for a 3-hour workshop on making mandalas. The word mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning “circle.”  The drawing of a mandala is a centering, calming activity. It can be as free-form or as structured as you wish.

We will begin our class with instruction, lots of examples of mandalas from various cultures, and a short guided meditation. You’ll be given paper and pen for a black and white mandala. If time permits, and you wish to color your mandala, there will be colored pencils available. We'll have soft music playing. Occasional talking is okay — not silent, but not chatty. The mood will be contemplative.

Cost for the class is $15. Please register online so we know how many are attending and I can purchase the proper materials. Please arrive 10 minutes early so we can begin at 1 pm.  We will end our time together with a closing activity.