Contentment In Everyday Life

February 5th—March 5th

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  • $25 Program Price
  • $35 Patron Price
Room: Rigden Shrine Room
This 5-week course provides a further exploration of mindfulness meditation, along with foundational Buddhist teachings. Cultivating contentment means difficult emotions (“grrrr!”) and the challenges of life (“You’re leaving me?”) can be met with gentleness, steadiness, and humor.

Open to the public - It is suggested that you have attended "Meditation in Everyday Life" or "Heart of Warriorship - Level I" prior to attending this class, but it is not necessary.  For more information or questions, please contact Rob Hastings at


The CIEL course is completely self contained, with all required material presented during each class. Suggested readings are completely optional to students who wish to delve deeper into the topics covered. The books listed on the reading list may be found in our Centre book store for purchase, online at Amazon, available for download from Kindle, or located in local used book outlets like Bookmans or the Book Stop. Due to intellectual property restrictions we are no longer able to provide these readings in electornic form. 


$25 Normal
$35 Patrons
Generosity policy applies, if you cannot afford the fee, contact David at [email protected] prior to attending.

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