Monday Night Reflection Group

If you would like to participate in the Monday Night Reflection Group, please click here for information on how to add your name to the mailing list and we’ll get back to you with Zoom instructions.

Hosted every Monday evening from 6:00PM – 7:30PM

The Shambhala teachings are based on the view that all of us—no matter who we are or what problems we have—are fundamentally awake and healthy. In some schools of Buddhism this is called our buddha-nature. At Shambhala it’s called our Basic Goodness. The premise is that we already have what we need in order to connect with our inherent wisdom and compassion, and mature as we age.

How many of us deeply ponder the question of maturity: What is it? Do we ever achieve it? Many of us set a standard for our inner life as part of that task, exploring the paradoxical nature of life and pondering questions like: When two differing things are true, how do I hold the tension of opposites? What supports a growing capacity to forgive? What do I do with my anger? How do I set firm boundaries with kindness? What is humility? Where are my blind spots? How do I become more generous each year? What does it mean to be a good friend? How do I awaken—and keep waking up as new challenges arise?

In truth, our lives depend upon how we examine these questions. And society depends on it too. And so we navigate our way, doing the best we can, with confidence in our Basic Goodness.

In this Refection Group, it is our intention to speak from our hearts, be vulnerable and honest, and reflect on the questions of our life so that we help ourselves awaken and grow. It is through sharing the deeper stories of our lives that our relationship with one another is strengthened.

After opening at 6 pm with a 10 minute meditation, the group leader will read a quote they’ve selected for the evening, and then those who are present have on opportunity to grapple-out-loud with the topic of the evening. The following 5 guidelines are offered with the intention of helping to create a safe place where vulnerability and truth are practiced.

  1. When we speak—if we choose to—we say our name and speak from the heart about our own experiences. When we’re finished, we say, “I pass.”
  2. When another person is speaking, we listen from the heart, without judgment, and silently offer our best compassion.
  3. We refrain from interrupting others during sharing, or giving advice.
  4. We practice mindfulness of the number of people present when sharing and wait to speak a second time until all present have had an opportunity, if they wish to speak.
  5. We practice confidentiality in this group. What is shared here, stays here.


Generosity Policy: Your donation is offered at the end of the evening. Give what you can. Thank you.