We invite anyone interested in investing in the Tucson Shambhala Meditation Center (TSMC) to consider becoming a member. Membership in TSMC is a way to express appreciation for what the Center provides and to help make it available for others. Membership is open to everyone; our members come from many backgrounds, faiths, cultures and walks of life — All are welcome!


The gifts of time, money, and personal engagement sustain our center. These gifts support the wonderful programs, events, practice and meditation sessions, and the center itself. It is because of our members that the profound tradition of meditation flourishes in Tucson. Contributions through the payment of membership dues are our financial backbone.


Members are the life of the center. Becoming a member of the TSMC makes a statement about your personal inspiration, curiosity, and dedication to the path of awakening. It means that you are committed to building sangha — a community of practitioners who relate to each other in a culture of kindness and aspire to honesty, warmth, and openness. Through meditation and study of the dharma, we inspire one another to deepen our practice of mindfulness and awareness in our everyday lives. We also provide each other an opportunity to practice compassion and patience.

Membership is expressed several ways: 

  1. Formal Meditation Practice: Members make a commitment to practice mindful-awareness meditation (or related contemplative practice) on a regular basis and to integrate this practice into daily life.
  2. Study and Participation: Our community practices the teachings of basic goodness and explores ways to build a culture and society which embodies this profound principle. Members actively engage in contemplation, study, and taking classes in the Shambhala dharma and other contemplative arts.
  3. Volunteering: TSMC is entirely supported by volunteers. Giving our time and talent to the work of the community is a vital form of support and is viewed as part of our members’ practice.
  4. Financial Contributions: Your financial contribution allows our Tucson Center to offer meditation practice, community events, and courses throughout the year. It also makes it possible for us to maintain and sustain the Center itself.

Membership Benefits:

  • Ongoing meditation instruction with a personal meditation instructor
  • Invitations to community events, programs, and classes
  • Membership pin and annual practice book
  • Use of the Center library
  • Access to use the TSMC facility
  • A voice in setting TSMC’s direction and leadership options
  • Automatic membership in Shambhala’s worldwide network
  • Access to member resources at


Becoming a member at TSMC is easy!  

First: To help us connect with you, fill out the Membership Form, and return it to the Membership Team Mailbox at the Center, which is located on the bookshelf next to the fireplace. 

Second: To express your financial commitment to TSMC, please do one of the following:

  • Preferred Method: Complete the Financial Contribution Authorization portion of the Membership Form (back side), and turn it into the Membership mailbox at the center. This action will begin making monthly debit contributions to Tucson Shambhala Meditation Center.

The Shambhala Credit Union (SCU) helps by processing these monthly withdrawals for a small fee. We are grateful for their valuable support, because we do not have sufficient capacity to do this ourselves! Rest assured that all of the membership dues collected by SCU belong to the Tucson Center. TSMC’s financial relationship with Shambhala International is maintained separately through the actions of the TSMC governance council.

  • Alternate Method: Make an annual payment specifically for Membership. It  must be noted on your check that your contribution is intended for Membership dues.

We recognize that everyone’s financial circumstances are different, and we encourage members to contribute only what they can afford. In considering the amount of your contribution, think about what the center means to you. We suggest a monthly contribution of $30.00 to financially support the Tucson Center, with a minimum of $15.00 per month to become a Member. (Exceptions are possible by contacting the Membership Team). We encourage those who can to commit more. No matter the amount of our individual contribution, when we take the step of becoming a member, we’re creating an energetic connection between ourselves and the Center by saying, “Yes! Membership has brought benefit to me and will bring benefit to others. I want to support TSMC!”

  • Please NoteTSMC also welcomes Friend of the Center donations of cash or check, not specifically for membership, which can be left in the center offering bowl at any time. We are grateful to Friends of the Center for contributions of any amount. These donations can also be set up as monthly contributions through SCU.  TSMC additionally accepts electronic payments via Paypal. 

Please consider that Paypal charges TSMC a transaction fee (currently 3%), is not easily tracked towards membership, and does not provide detailed information about your intentions. Paypal is the only way TMSC can accept electronic payments at this time.


If you choose the preferred method of monthly debit contributions processed by SCU, then following the initial setup described above, you may change your dues amount at any time by writing or emailing directly to: 

Shambhala Credit Union, 1345 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302
Email: Sierra Hill, Operations Assistant at [email protected] 
Phone: 303-444-9003

Download the Membership Form – Click Here

The Membership Team is here to help! Contact us through the Membership Mailbox at the center or via email – CLICK HERE.