Volunteer Signup

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Would you like to train to become an Umdze or Gatekeeper for Sunday morning sits? You will learn how to conduct a meditation session, including the traditional chants and the use of the Tibetan singing bowls. We would love your participation.
  • Would you like to offer a workshop, class, or an ongoing program at Tucson Shambhala?  We welcome those who have experience in Shambhala or other Buddhist teachings to offer an event related to the work of our Center.  Instructors are invited to fill out the form below and are responsible for content design, class materials (if they are not Shambhala materials), recruiting a support team of volunteers (if needed), and any technical support.  

The Tucson Shambhala Center will provide a Zoom platform (you can use our Zoom account), promote an offering on the front page of our website, send out group mailings, and handle all registration.   Here is the link to the form: Zoom Presenter Form Tucson Shambhala (8-2020)

Please email a request to receive training as an Umdze or to send the completed workshop or class offering request to our Coordination Team who can be contacted through this email address: [email protected]